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Manager's Take-off

Manager's Take-off

Management Skills Accelerator

Manager’s Bootcamp is a practical six-month management skills programme for the busy manager, small business owner, entrepreneur or franchisee.
It comprises ten days of intensive training over a six-month period on business leadership and business management structured around a work scenario similar to yours.  Monthly facilitated half-day workshops with a team of your peers to reflect on your business practice ensures that key skills are nurtured and embedded.

The programme includes a professional assessment of your skills profile and your personality preferences and provides you with individual coaching and advisory support customised to meet your particular needs.

Manager’s Flight Check

Manager’s Flight Check

Skills, Styles and Personality Profile Assessment

Manager’s Flight Check is a detailed assessment of your management and technical skills, your leadership styles and your personality preferences geared to leveraging your strengths and addressing skills gaps.
Flight Check involves an intensive workshop over two or three days where you complete individual assessment questionnaires, engage in personal and group exercises and receive input from our facilitators on skills improvement and personal growth.
It also includes a detailed one-on-one session with our specialist facilitators to give you feedback, to identify your skills gaps and to develop a personalised skills development plan for you.

Flying Colours

Flying Colours

Team Performance and Communication Tool

Team DNA is a performance and reporting tool to understand what is driving team effectiveness and what could be done be better, in terms of harmony, communication, purpose and strategic direction.
It is based on the “four colours” behavioural preference approach and is a performance measurement and reporting tool which generates a tangible understanding of what is driving team effectiveness. It involves staff in the process of strengthening their role and their team outputs. It addresses team under-performance against organisational wide objectives and change management offering ‘immediate’ tangible results and outlining a path to higher team collaboration.

True North

True North

Ethical Leadership and Values for Managers

This interactive programme (either a one-day master class or a three-day short course) ensures that you have the ethical fitness to manage the integrity challenges of a complex business environment.
Our programme is structured to enable you to connect with your values, stretch your ability to see ethical issues and choices, practice thinking through the difficult ethical dilemmas of the workplace and to exercise your moral muscles so that you have the strength to do the right thing. It also enables you to establish practices and systems in your organisation that create a resilient ethical culture.

The High-Flying PA

The High-Flying PA

Intensive Skills Upgrading for Secretaries, Office Administrators and Personal Assistants

This four-day training programme reinforces the skills you need to perform at your best as a secretary or personal assistant. Areas covered include personal branding, time and stress management, vital and business communication, human capital development, financial management for PAs, the profile of a 21st Century executive PA and coaching skills.
The programme is designed to get your skills to a point where you can take on the responsibilities of being a top executive personal assistant in the modern 21st century workplace. It is customised for personal assistants, office managers, secretaries and administrators.

Specialist Support

Specialist Support

We provide specialist financial management, human resources, organisational development and strategy advisory services. Our team has a strong track record working with the public and private sectors as consultants in these areas. We also have practical experience in setting up and managing small businesses including franchises, creative businesses and consulting firms.
Our approach is to provide you with solutions that are customised to address your unique situation. Speak to us about your needs and we will explore with you how to best meet them. We can also link you to other specialist service providers if needed.

Additional laboratory-focused offerings through our partners:

Accredited laboratory performance and process training

Power of Process

Power of Process

The Power of Process Professional™ is a laboratory performance improvement program designed for laboratory professionals, which delivers sustainability and return on investment.

It has been designed based on years of experience in laboratory performance improvement and proven to make a difference in productivity, quality and cost improvement.

Join a community of laboratory professionals

Join a community of laboratory professionals

LabVine was established in 2018 with the purpose of establishing a meeting place for laboratory professionals where they can learn, develop and discover by sharing knowledge and building on each other’s experience. LabVine hosts a variety of internationally accredited courses (CPD and CEU), latest industry news, thought leadership pieces and much more. Become a member and join the community.

Laboratory Management in Practice

Laboratory Management in Practice

The Laboratory Management in Practice program will empower laboratory professionals in terms of management skills, behaviours and attitudes to manage and lead laboratory teams towards the achievement of goals.

Why Elevon Solutions is different

Elevate Your Game

We offer bespoke training programmes and processes to achieve the right fit for you.

We use current examples and case studies specific to your situation.
After the courses, specialists’ offer you coaching and support.

Elevon Solutions’ programmes run in March, May, July, Sept, and November 2020 in Cape Town.

Dates are negotiable; you choose where to have your programmes – at our excellent training venues or at yours.

Contact us for an obligation free quote.

To lead your best life, do your best work

About Us

Elevon Solutions is a Cape Town-based company that provides management support and training services, both nationally and in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our mission is to improve the effectiveness of company management and leadership including the small and medium enterprise sector by providing high quality blended learning products and services that add substantial value to our clients.

Elevon Solutions is owned and managed by human resource development professionals with extensive practical experiences.

Our Promise

We deliver outstanding people development with maximum flexibility at a price that represents real value. In everything we do, we believe in being trustworthy, caring, inspiring and professional. In living these values internally and externally, we support people to feel safe, valued, motivated and proud.

Our Values

We stand for the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Results-Orientation

Our Mission

We believe in building long-term relationships with our partners that allow us to precisely identify and service your changing development needs.

What Others Say About Us

“The ability to grasp complex issues, to understand the legal hoops that had to be traversed and building excellent working relationships with third parties, surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend the services to any Company who requires world class service in Training and Development. The work ethic is beyond reproach and has added immeasurable value to our business”.

Jennifer Breakey

Previous Senior Manager (HR) at Robertson and Caine
"They take facilitation of learning to a different level of excellence, enjoy teaching and have a heart and ear for learners, picking up on nuances in the class room before learners even put their feelings or concerns into words. This enables learners to continuously improve on their respective learning reaching the best possible outcome in and out of the class.”

Dr Selda Brits

Learning and Development Manager at Work Dynamics
"Our staff have always appreciated their excellent training and facilitation. The process is conducted with great professionalism. They are reliable, efficient and very responsive to client needs. We appreciate working with them.

Sayeda Saib

HR Training Manager, Grandslots

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